Anyone experience homophobia on the playa?

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Post by MikeVDS » Tue Mar 27, 2007 4:09 pm

One guy rode around on my art car and kept telling passengers how dorks are people you'd never want to be around, but this guy (pointing to me) is ok.
I personally like when people are open about their bigotry. It lets me know where they stand. If he doesn't like dorks, he's the one missing out. When people do that I play the part of whoever they say they hate, whether it's who I am or not. Homo or at least bi-sexual is the easiest, which my conservative college roommate thought I was after I found out about his beliefs.

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Post by Barbie » Tue Mar 27, 2007 10:48 pm

I love you ALL YEA were more than half way there!!! Don't sweat the small stuff- FUCK THEM-I have been holding on to this discrimation that happened to me 2005. We (a group of us on art car maybe 30) were on our way to temple and this guy screams dancers are over rated.....I had been dancing over 20years....SOOOOOOOOO I yell back FUCK YOU cause I'm drunk-NO ONE including my X boyfriend stood up for me.... this guy gets in my face and says "what did you say?" I say back- what did you say? in my cutie dancer way he repeated that DANCERS ARE OVERRATED soooooooo I SAID FUCK YOU Then I dismouted the Art car off the pole in a swing and leap.....I wish that I would have challenged him to a dance off.... OH WELL should have could have FUCK THEM there are SOOOOOOOOOOO MANY PEOPLE ON THE PLAYA THAT LOVE YOU FOR YOU.... SOOOOOO don't sweat the small stuff or the small People........
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