mackie 1535 speaker left at wrong camp door-@10 & @D or

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mackie 1535 speaker left at wrong camp door-@10 & @D or

Post by ginaandron » Thu Sep 07, 2006 3:04 am

Yes i made a big mistake. my buddy left a speaker at my camp at 2 o'clock and anxious and i decided to return it to his camp later on that night, sunday after the waffle burned, I rode it over to the 10 o'clock side and droped it off on what i thought was my buddys doorstep. The camp i dropped it off at was just inside of 10 o'clock, maybe 40 yards in, just past the playa restroom strip so probably @ streets D or E. The camp i left it at looked dark inside, and i did not see the art car so i figured no one was home, and left the speaker on the table right outside the door. The camp was identicle to my buddys camp, it had a white trailor maybe 26 or 30 feet, it was connected to a newer white possibly dodge truck, there was a tall pole standing at the front of the tailor which had a strobe light beacon on the top of it. There were 3-4 bikes scattered about the front of the camp. At this time probably midnight on sunday/monday morning, there was no other camps around this particular camp. I left the following morning and got a call ealier this afternoon from my buddy wondering when he could come get his speaker and i figured out what i had done. So if this speaker ended up[ on your doorstep monday morning and this camp description sounds kinda like your set up, it would be very much appreciated if you could possiiobly contact me at so i can arrange to pick it up or have shipped to my buddy. Or if you prefer to telephone me i am at 415-577-8085, The speaker is not working correctly and is possibly blown, that ius why he dropped it off at my camp the evening before. if anyone else reading this has an iddea to help me find this speaker please reply your idea to me. please, if you have my buddys speaker please contact me so i can return it to him. Thank you and sorry for the inconvienience. Ron

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Post by brochick » Fri Sep 08, 2006 4:03 pm

I posted this too and then I saw your post! Hopefully someone will catch it one way or another!!!!

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