Lost WHEELCHAIR @ Donner Summit rest stop!

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Lost WHEELCHAIR @ Donner Summit rest stop!

Post by grgoyle » Sat Nov 04, 2006 1:20 pm

Hi- Gargoyle here.

Just doing a little favor for Harold and Deborah; 2 wheelchair-bound folks from HotWheelz Digital Dump. You may have seen this middle-aged duo wheeling around BRC this year.

Problem: while they were refreshing themselves at the Donner Summit rest stop, Deborah lost her wheelchair! :(

It was either missplaced or stolen, but they hope that maybe a good-hearted Burner got a hold of it and has awaited news from its owner.

If you have any news on this lost wheelchair, please contact Harold at:
(818)667-9628 or at awiz@hotmail.com.
I am Gargoyle.


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