The Playa Book of Records is searching for a video camera

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The Playa Book of Records is searching for a video camera

Post by snerko » Tue Jul 24, 2007 7:32 am

Hello Burners.

For the fourth consecutive year, The Playa Book of Records will be documenting any and all records set at Burning Man. From "Most Blueberries In One's Belly Button" to "Fastest Recitation Of All 50 States", all categories are welcome. We're also building an open source word record website, and will be taking our record-breaking mission on a global tour this fall.

After using photography as our main medium to document records the past few years, we've decided to embrace the YouTube generation and evolve to video. What we're searching for is a video camera (or cameras) that we could borrow for Burning Man and possibly use for our world tour.

Besides earning hero status and unlimited free drinks at our camp, any donor will earn a place in our Record Book in the category of "Most Video Cameras Lent To The Playa Book of Records".

Thanks in advance,

The Playa Book Executive Committee

Dan Rollman


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