Norm where did you go?

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Norm where did you go?

Post by poocowmoo » Thu Aug 07, 2008 10:33 am

Last year on the night of the man’s second burn, our good friend and traveling companion disappeared from out of our camp to never be seen or heard from again. Norm was a good yard gnome, a little adventurous for his size, not the brightest when it came to directions, but always a world traveler.
Norm has been to more places then most people I know. Maybe it’s the fact everybody always wanted to have him as a traveling companion on trips, or maybe it’s his photogenic nature.
Last year was his first burn, he was so excited to get there and see why this event is so special to all of us. He was having a great time sipping beers and chilling in front of our shade structure. Everybody who happened to meet him last year enjoyed his company and were quick to offer him up so many nice wonderful gifts.
So the night the man burned Norm was feeling like staying in and people watching. He said he had a great view of the man, and just wanted to chill. Our camp went out to enjoy the night, do some dancing and a bit of drinking. When we returned in the morning, our gnome was no where to be found. We spent the rest of the burn in search of our little friend (did I mention that he is a bit direction dumb?). I’m sure he met some great burners and went off to party for the night (we were camped at 5:15 and C, edge of kidsville), and was unable to find his way home (direction dumb remember).
So if you seen Norm please let him know we are worried about him, and hope he is doing well in his travels. Also if he is traveling with you to the burn this year, we would love to see him (Ill update where we are going to be camping once our group decides this).




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