FUCK Lincoln and F U C K their new car.

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gyre wrote:Wednesday?
LOL, touche! The CNN article is dated October 15, 1997.

Regarding the original topic...people can get naked on a playa, people can do speed trials on a playa (except during Burning Man) people can shoot magazine ads on a playa. That's America, like it or not.

I hardly think the advertising agency is targeting Burners and as for the music, well I guess the artist agreed to the commercial use, so perhaps your quarrel should be with them. I say enjoy the playa for your purposes and accept that others, individual and corporate, will do the same. No individual or group owns the playas or owns their appearance.

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Captain Goddammit wrote:You're SUCH a STUPID asshole!!!
That isn't the goddamm playa you idiot. F U C K YOU!!! Move somewhere else.
This type of response really bothers me. Absolutely low class and it really is the type of discourse that drives a lot of good voices and opinions away from this forum.

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