The Pronoia Festival

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The Pronoia Festival

Post by kk » Fri Mar 27, 2009 1:58 am

The Pronoia Festival
Pronoia: the sneaking suspicion others and the universe are conspiring to help you (and you them)!

This is an alcohol-free, litter-free, family-friendly weekend camping event focused on green living, renewable resources, art and spirituality, and ancient tactics of stress relief such as meditation, yoga, and energy massage. There will also be many local bands and non-profit organizations participating. Please contact us with any questions or comments.
Not all acts are kid-safe, and those that aren't are scheduled after sunset. The lineup thusfar is as follows and will be updated accordingly:

The Phonies
Shawn Lee

Stardust Output
Rollin Jack Dandies
Zen Brain
Red Suite
Geoffrey Allen Myers
Matt Mahar
Hot Cognition

Saul Williams
Catherine Hicks
Geoffrey Allen Myers
Kenny Grand
Kandace Keeney
Dr. John Svendsen
Winston Motley

Other activities:
Nature trails
Disc golf
Belly dancers
Drum circles
Poetry slam
Outdoor yoga
Bike repair workshop
Gardening workshop
Recycling center
open family area for whiffle ball, cricket, or other field activities
Live art, Local art show/sale

Be aware that we are also in negotiations with three or four other national acts. We are open to volunteers at discounted ticket prices. Please contact Catherine Hicks at the number or email address listed if interested in participating.

Ticket prices/packages will be as follows:

Friday day pass: $30
Saturday day pass: $40
Sunday day pass: $20
All 3 day pass: $60
All 3 + camping pass: $75
Family camping passes: $75 per adult, $20 per child, kids under 5 are free!

Ask for specials at the gate Saturday, and we'll let you in on little-known opportunities.

Rules and Regulations are as follows and will be updated as communications continue with Cadron Creek Outfitters:
- No alcohol.
- No illegal drugs.
- No fireworks, though bonfires will be supervised and scheduled.
- We will be enforcing a "Leave No Trace" Policy just like Burning Man: collect all your own trash; do not drop cigarette butts; if you see trash out of place, please pick it up and dispose of it properly; you will be provided with trash cans and a main recycling center to make this a little easier. Help us keep our environment pristine so we can do this again next year!
- Cars will be searched as they enter the gate. You will be patted down as you enter the stage area.
- There will be a designated area for family camping, and there will be a VIP camping area. Passes to this VIP area are for staff and artists only, not volunteers unless otherwise agreed upon in person (you MUST have the Festival Coordinator's permission - no one else's word will do when it comes to this section as we need to protect our national artists and speakers from fan overload). Finding the Coordinator will be very easy if you just ask security personnel for help.
- The bottom of the hill where most of the campsites are is a dead zone for cell phones, and the top of the hill is a dead zone for some carriers. Please plan ahead in communicating with friends and family. Do not depend on a signal for any purpose, but if you need help contacting someone in case of emergency, please talk to security personnel, and they will escort you to someone on staff with a working phone.
- Food will not be provided in mass, so plan on bringing your own snacks and meals. There will be some vendors with food offered, but there will most likely not be enough for everyone. There is running water on site, so STAY hydrated! We expect you all to take care of yourselves and each other, but we are prepared to take care of anyone in case of emergency.
- Some vendors and booths may charge extra for their services, so plan on bringing a little extra spending money, or come prepared to feed yourself.

Thanks guys! Let's make this a great success so we can donate the benefits to a new local non-profit community outreach and downtown renovation to continue throwing educational and fun events like this year-round! If we make enough to donate extra to other local charities, we'd love some input on where else you want your money to go!

There are already whispers of making this an annual event, so keep your heads on straight and help make this happen! Invite all your friends! Spread the word! Ask how you can help get things going!

The festival website and schedule will be up within the next week. Until then, check out to learn more about the trails, natural wonders, and healing waters of this beautiful campsite just fifteen minutes outside Conway!

Just fyi, if you are involved in a local business, we are still interested and open to sponsorships.

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Post by gaminwench » Fri Mar 27, 2009 1:44 pm

Dates? Location?

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Post by Da Mule » Fri Mar 27, 2009 1:46 pm

Dates? Location?
Fifteen minutes outside of Conway!

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Post by Da Mule » Fri Mar 27, 2009 1:46 pm

uhhh...where's Conway?

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Pronoia Fest

Post by kk » Mon Mar 30, 2009 10:36 pm

I'm sorry. I left out the most important parts. May 15-17 are the dates. The location is at Cadron Creek Outfitters, 54 Cargile Ln, Greenbrier, AR. (A GPS is helpful. If not, mapquest and look for the canoe. ;)

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Post by Cadron Boy » Thu May 14, 2009 6:08 am

The Pronoia Festival is hosted by Cadron Creek Outfitters -- check out their web site.

From Little Rock take I-40 west to Conway. Exit onto Highway 65 (Exit 125) and go north. Yeah, north. Deep into the Ozarks. Between Greenbrier and Damascus you'll cross over the North Fork of Cadron Creek. This means you are close. Look for our signs. You won't see any! From the bridge go a mile and a half and turn right on Old Highway 65. In another half mile take the first right onto Pinnacle Springs Road. Ooohh. Pinnacle Springs lies close. Smell its healing waters. Soon you'll cross over the Cadron Creek again. Look below, there it is! We're just up the hill at old man Cargile's place -- take a left on Cargile Lane -- from there let your ears and nose guide you the rest of the way. If we're not on the front porch, we'll be down creekin', dancin' and enjoyin' life. We're always happy to have you come join us.

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