Official Burning Man Regional Event Status of Transformus

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Official Burning Man Regional Event Status of Transformus

Post by ArmadilloPuttanesca » Tue Feb 09, 2010 4:41 pm

Dear Transformus Board and Extended Planning Team,

The Burning Man Regional Committee met recently and, upon review, agreed that the concerns raised in the past about Transformus have been addressed and the event is clearly back on track and stable. As a result, we are delighted and pleased to once again list Transformus as an official Burning Man regional event!

We wish to congratulate all of you responsible for improving the transparency, community involvement, and stability of the event; and we recognize the tremendous amount of work and dedication it clearly took. We noted how inspirational it was that the community loved Transformus enough to both hold itself accountable and pull together as it did to survive and evolve. And we hope that a deeper meaning and sense of fulfillment has resulted from this experience. Know that we have had to do similarly at points in our history and it has made it all the more worthwhile for us--not always fun, mind you, but always in the end worthwhile. May it be the same for each of you here who have worked so hard and given so much of yourselves to create this event…this gift we know touches so many people's lives in positive ways.

The Committee is disappointed that Transformus is no longer an all-ages event due to the unexpected change in policy by Deerfields two years back, but we also realize this change in policy was unfortunate, undesireable even by Deerfields, and beyond the control of the Transformus Board and organizers. We request that you consider having an all-ages work weekend or other event(s) during the year so that families and children may once again participate in your vital and imaginative community. In the spirit of radical inclusion, please continue to explore the possibility of reinstating all-ages status at Deerfields and/or consider other properties in the future that will allow you to be an all-ages event once again.Attached you will find the official event criteria and a link to gather the basic event information necessary to list Transformus on the Burning Man official regional event list. I will be requesting a special "welcome back to Transformus" in the JRS when we do a post about official regional events this year.

In closing, I am reminded that it is through hardship and trials of the spirit and body that people find what is truly valuable and worth doing in life. And it makes joyful times all the more joyful and fulfilling. May it be so for each of you who have worked so hard. Everyone at Burning Man HQ extends to you a hearty WELCOME BACK!...even though you never really left our thoughts and hearts. HOORAY! And long live Transformus and the wonders of lovely Mysteria!

$teven Ra$pa
Regional Committee & Special Events
Burning Man


July 16 - 18
Horse Shoe, North Carolina

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