Comics(standup sketch improv) needed for center camp shows

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Comics(standup sketch improv) needed for center camp shows

Postby moshe! » Mon Jul 26, 2004 4:29 am

Hey freaks
This year like last year I will be hosting a comedy show at center camp. I need performers for the playa comedy hour. Off beat, sketch, improv, funny monologues anything goes. Except: non funny. If you are a beginner contact me and mabye we can work somthing out. If you are a skilled OG contact me and lets get you onstage.
email me and looking forward to seeing and performing with yall ala playa
moshe kasher

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Postby Lostfolio » Mon Jul 26, 2004 2:46 pm

When's it happening?
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Postby Ozone » Wed Jul 28, 2004 4:11 pm

I'm down for this--send an e-mail or let me know when and where to meet you.

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Postby TheMuse » Mon Aug 02, 2004 7:47 am

It looks like our camp Spikes Vampire Bar has been placed in CC this year. We are in need of some daytime performance art... would you like to use our stage for practice sessions?
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hilarious monologues

Postby orangepeelmoses » Sat Aug 07, 2004 9:45 am

eye have a number of hilarious monologues memorized
(mostly authored by john s. hall of king missile fame)
if you still need another volunteer.


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Postby Hottlotus » Wed Aug 11, 2004 2:37 am

Id be interested in doing some performing.. email me too..

Im all about crackin people up ;)

Let me know where to meet!

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Stand Up Comedy

Postby WhatsInAName » Wed Aug 18, 2004 5:52 pm

After getting fed up of being routinely accused of being a funny guy I finally went to Comedy College & there was being branded as the funniest guy soon-to-be-very-very-famous. And then I decided not to make a career out of it... Anyways, if its not too late I may be up for performing in your gig ;)

Regardless I'd like to check it out - when & what time is it?

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Postby moshe! » Wed Aug 18, 2004 6:29 pm

wednesday , thursday and friday 5- 6pm @ the spoken word stage,center camp
we's a gonna have clown, improv, stand up, funny magic, other cool stuff.

email me private moshekasher@HOTMAIL.COM

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