Looking to join camp/ project for BM 2012

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Looking to join camp/ project for BM 2012

Post by HiBbY » Tue Nov 15, 2011 8:15 am

Wazaaaaaaaaap haha. People call me HiBbY and ive been a regular attendant of burning man since 2007. Every Year i tread the sandy seas of black rock with my twin sister and my uncle, but unfortunately this upcoming year they will not be able to attend. I am for a fact returning to the burn this year and have a decent amount of experience in stage set up (art or music), artistic design, sculpting, sound editing, video editing, and photography. I would love to join a project or a camp for this years burn so I can participate in the great social sculpture that is burning man. If you are in need of assistance and are interested in my help, feel free to contact me at HiBbY420@live.com

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