Luminex group order forming

Share your pictures and video. Tell us about the sights, sounds, and scents, as well as the rumors and truths found at Burning Man.

Would you be interested in forming a group order for Luminex for your project next year?

Why'd it take this long for someone to finally step forward and propose this?
Yah, d00d! Definetly! i'd totally be down with that! Let's do it! [wander off]
You read my mind! Let's get it together and wow everyone next year.
No votes
No way, man. Too much money.
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Luminex group order forming

Postby diane o'thirst » Sat Aug 14, 2004 2:50 pm

Okay...getting serious here.

I'm willing to coordinate a group order for Luminex for next year. The North American Rep is Zuzka in NYC and I plan to get in touch with them after the Burn and Decompression, say around the first week of October or November.

They have an online store on their site now, it offers things like heart-shaped pillows, mini-tops, 30x50cm tablecloths, purses, batteries and chargers (the batteries are rechargable). They range in price from 18 to 150 Euros (the batteries and chargers are at the low end, tailored goods like the mini-top are at the high end, with tablecloths around the middle-to-low end of the spectrum). Tablecloths can be made into banners, wings and cloaks. If that's all you want, don't bother with joining the co-op, just visit the online store with a credit card.

What the co-op is for is to order a whole bunch of raw fabric to make into projects: costumes, kites, parasols, installations, props, tents, art car upholstery, things like that. The minimum order is 50 yards and I believe the price is around $300 a yard. No one person has that kind of money these days but a group of 50 or more people could swing it.

I'm thinking of leaving the co-op open from October to March or until we have the minimum order, then do the order and it will be in the hands of all the co-op members in April, so you will have about four months to finish your projects (I'm assuming August is reserved for packing, troubleshooting and getting out there).

Sound like a plan? Let's motivate.

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