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Post by Eric » Tue May 15, 2012 5:35 pm

This overview will help you understand a little bit about how to use and post on the board & how to make your entry as painless as possible.

The board is laid out in "Sections", "Forums" and "Threads".
A Section is a general topic such as "Preparation", "2012 Burning Man Event" or "Year Round Connections"; Forums are more specific areas: ie: under Preparation you'll find Forums like "Shelter and Camping" and "Transportation". A "Thread" is a topic in a Forum, such as "Kitchen Basics" in the "Food & Drink" Forum. A thread is where the actual discussions take place.

NOTE: Be prepared for public scrutiny and criticism of your posts & threads, it comes part and parcel with posting on public message boards.

Before posting a new thread, we recommend looking around the Forums to see if the topic has already been started- quite often it has. One of the harshest way to be introduced to the boards is to make your first post a topic that's already been discussed, especially if it's a "hot button" topic, such as something dealing with a current Burning Man situation (these change from season to season, it's always best to look around first).

If you're starting a new thread (discussion) try to post it in the most appropriate seeming Forum. If it should go in another one a Mod will move it & Private Message (PM) you to let you know where it is. Don't worry if it has to be moved, it happens all the time. The Mods are here to help keep things in the right place, posting in the wrong area isn't a major mistake!

If you're posting in an existing thread, take the time to read at least the last few pages (or, if it's less than 2 or 3 pages, all of it) before posting. You might find your question has already been answered or your comment already made.

When you're posting, one of the main things to learn quickly is that "cross-posting", or posting the same message or topic multiple times in different threads or Forums, is a serious no-no. Cross-posts will be pulled by the Mods, and the Mods will decide which (if any) will remain. Continual cross-posting is one of the things that can get your account suspended, as it makes the boards hard to read for other members.

If you have any questions, please feel free to PM any of the Mods, we're here to help.

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