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Post by Frankenstipe » Thu Jul 12, 2012 4:28 pm

I see this theme camp listed and saw it was from Lodi, CA which is my hometown. I want to find out more about this camp and who is involved in it and what exactly it is. If anyone knows anything please post here, Google and eplaya search turned up nothing.
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Camp Name: Bearwhalea

Re: Bearwhalea

Post by TheTailsCoat » Sun Jul 15, 2012 10:23 pm

What exactly IS Bearwhalea? That's rather a good question!

Last year we were a collection of 4-5 sub-camps from all around the country and we each brought along some interactivity. We had some music, a big 25' observation tower, a toast bar that was a helluvalot more fun than it sounds, some handcrafted cocktails, slacklining, hoop clinics, etc etc.

This year is a big question mark but we've built up a lot of momentum in the past week. We got hit hard by the lottery so we scaled back our square footage, although our key folks are starting to have some luck with face value Craigslist tickets (pls cross your fingers for us to find more!). We'll definitely be bringing back some of the old and a dose of the new, but it really all depends on who can get a ticket.

As for the Lodi connection, my fiance and I moved there (here?) a little over a year ago. Look us up if you're in the neighborhood, either in Lodi or at 4:15 & C on the playa!


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