Ticket Fiasco Kitty Litter

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Ticket Fiasco Kitty Litter

Post by nocturnal_steve » Tue Aug 21, 2012 12:45 pm

I am buying all extra Burning Man tickets will pay $1.00 each. the first 100 tickets will be placed in
The Temple to burn & commemorate the Great Ticket Fiasco of 2012. The rest will be shredded re-used,
recycled as kitty litter.

Seriously folks, there are some interesting lessons to be learned from the Fiasco although I have not yet wrapped my head around
it all. Something to do with fear, greed, panic and patience . Perhaps this was a grand social experiment orchestrated by the
almighty BORG.... nah not really. One thing they WERE right about ... looks anyone who wanted a ticket at face/fair price is getting one;
but it's not all that simple... faced with uncertainty many long time Burners, contributors, theme camps, peeps considering going for the first time
gave up early on. Things were certainly shook up, shaken out this year .....
Stay hydrated my friend.

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Re: Ticket Fiasco Kitty Litter

Post by Drawingablank » Tue Aug 21, 2012 1:09 pm

Surely anyone who is close enough to do the last minute thing is in a good position now and could concievably pick up tickets well below face value.

But for those who needed to book flights and make long term travel arrangements it was a really stressful thing and I suspect we may see a lot fewer international burners this year.

Even traveling from the East coast it was too much of a gamble to book a flight before I had a ticket.
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