Black Rock City Dimension Of Accessibility

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Black Rock City Dimension Of Accessibility

Post by The Rat Lady » Mon Jul 15, 2013 2:29 am

BRC DOA - Black Rock City Dimension of Accessibility (now providing services, formerly performed by the Department of Mobility camp)


BRC D.O.A. Is looking for Camp Members who want to see all kinds of Burners, both able bodied and alternatively able who wish enjoying the Burn, the Art and all else!

We, at the New Black Rock City Dimension of Accessibility (BRC D.O.A.) camp have mixed feelings in announcing that the BRC Department of Mobility is shut down :cry: and the new BRC DOA will move to provide services to the Burner Community in the interest of Radical Inclusion, and the finest of times.
For seven years the Department of Mobility provided support services to the disabled/alternatively able at Black Rock City. The Department of Mobility and it's leader Whacky Wayne selflessly provided a people moving trailer powered by golf cart and big heart, taking people out on Playa art tours 4 x per day, as well as a scheduled trips to the big burns, assisting people who otherwise had serious challenges to get out to the Man, Temple and beyond.

As well, The Department of Mobility provided preparation advice to the disabled, skilled emergency mechanical support to those in chairs, manual and electric, as well as a charging station for electric wheelchairs and mobility scooters, camping for alternatively able (not care giving support), and a program for truly disabled folks to borrow electric wheelchairs short term, in the event of unexpected developments. Oh the stories ! Oh the brave burners ! Because of a serious accident, having been hit by an ambulance in a crosswalk, Wayne cannot provide services and must close down the BRC Department of Mobility. We send our good wishes and healing thoughts to him as he recovers. We will miss Wayne.

We introduce to you BRC D.O.A ! Located at Center Camp and 7 o'clock as the Department of Mobility has been for a number of burns. Come and visit !
We will have art tours 4x per day, at 5:45am , 9:00am, 6pm and 9pm. Look for us in the guide, where you may see us listed as either BRC D.O.A or The Department of Mobility, due to the sudden change. (Space is always given with preference to the Mobility Impaired.)
We offer a public charging station for electric equipment belonging to the disabled, including c-pap's,and other Medical equipment. We will offer the Short Bus, a Wheelchair friendly bus service through the main road of the City, Center Camp, the Man and the Temple. Designed for those with Mobility impairments, able bodied folks are welcome when we have room, but you can be bumped off at anytime if a disabled burner needs your space. (No Bikes or Booze on the Bus)

We provide educative support to the disabled and their supportive friends and family via our website and email prior to the burn, as well as information to Burners who wish to make their Art Cars and Camps radically inclusive for the mobility impaired !
There will be an "Wheelchair friendly" workshop at our Camp,Wednesday August 28 at noon.

We will not be able to accommodate those on respirators to camp with us.

Because of the sudden changes so late, our facilities this year will be basic, and our shower this year may not be wheelchair accessible, unless someone out there can assist ? We will keep everything else wheelchair friendly. Your support and suggestions are welcome,
please contact us at

We are looking for a limited number of additional campers for our camp, who can provide value to our service for the Burner Community, If mobility and accessibility are important to you, and if you want to help our mobility impaired Burners, this is the Camp for you, please get in touch via PM to discuss.

Space is limited, please contact us ASAP.

For more information contact “Rat Lady” at or visit our new web site

Looking forward to seeing you at the Burn ! Please come by and visit us in any case.
BRC Dimension Of Accessibility
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Re: Black Rock City Dimension Of Accessibility

Post by tinymystic » Sun Jul 21, 2013 1:22 am

Yea! Glad you're back! See you on the playa! :D
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Re: Black Rock City Dimension Of Accessibility

Post by section1201 » Tue Jul 30, 2013 6:20 pm

Just sent an e-mail! -- this sounds like a fantastic opportunity.


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Re: Black Rock City Dimension Of Accessibility

Post by some seeing eye » Sun Nov 10, 2013 4:55 pm

Different way to look at things:

increasing the signal to noise ratio with compassion


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