2013 Stories of Burning Man

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2013 Stories of Burning Man

Post by some seeing eye » Wed Aug 28, 2013 10:54 pm

I'm off playa this year with my dream project. But I thought I would share something I heard this evening.

Like many cities we have a maker space, a coop shop of sorts. Last week an individual found us. His girlfriend had passed and he needed a ritual vessel for her to travel to Burning man and complete her ascension.

The vision was a vessel of wood, no more than 18" in height, width and length, which could be carried by bike, with a playa-safe steel plate as the base, so upon burning, not to scar our playa. And needed to be done tomorrow, literally.

Later in the evening a young shop steward was in to supervise the shop. He's like, "sure I can do that", naively. Design and build. And of reused hardwoods that would otherwise be discarded. And he did.

That vessel and those remaining memories are on the playa now. For a brief moment. So what is going on in this week there has an extended community. Those who have passed, those who help, not directly connected, and you, the reader, wherever you are.
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