LOST Driver's License - last attached to pink shirt

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LOST Driver's License - last attached to pink shirt

Postby nratzan » Wed Sep 11, 2013 9:09 am

My driver's license was last attached to a long-sleeve button-down salmon-pink shirt. The name on it is noah ratzan, and it is a Connecticut driver's license.

It was attached with duct tape and a carabiner. I believe someone picked up the shirt thinking it was theirs and I last saw it Saturday night before the Man burn. I was camped at 2:30 & F but cannot be sure where it was last.

If you find this ID, please email me at noah.ratzan@gmail.com. The address on the license is old, (10 Wilcox Lane, etc), and if mailed it should be sent to 195 Wooster Street, APT 3, New Haven, CT 06511. Thank you very much for your help in locating this license! Have a good one!


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