White Fedora& Designer Sunglasses in a Ziplock

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White Fedora& Designer Sunglasses in a Ziplock

Postby NatalyaRobinson » Wed Sep 11, 2013 1:10 pm

I was very sad to realize I lost my prescription sunglasses. I put it in a large ziplock with a white fedora, and had it inside my bike basket. But somehow between the center camp and my camp the ziplock fell out. So I lost the whole ziplock with the sunglasses and fedora in it. The fedora is very dear to me but it is actually the sunglasses thAt have the most value since they are prescription and I no longer have an insurance to be able to afford another pair. The glasses are made by FUNK royal, dark lenses, and had a thin coral color stripe going across the sides. I really hope that someone was kind to turn in the lost items.

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