Emailing Lost and Found (Concern)

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Emailing Lost and Found (Concern)

Post by participatory » Fri Oct 25, 2013 2:40 pm

This topic is for those concerned burners like myself, who have been emailing and who have yet to hear a reply.

I have been emailing lost and found every week since the end of the burn, now going on it's 8th week. I have yet to hear a reply. I realize that the lost and found is run by a volunteer staff, but it is disconcerting to have heard no response in the past two months.

I would like to hear from other burners. Is this an issue worthy of concern? Are others having issues? Is there a way this can be improved?

Thanks all for being apart of the community.

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Re: Emailing Lost and Found (Concern)

Post by Savannah » Fri Oct 25, 2013 2:48 pm

Hi There. I'm sorry to hear about your experience (on a personal level) and would urge patience. You're right--the L&F is volunteer-staffed. The Lost & Found will be open for months more, until tickets go on sale. Unfortunately there's probably no way to hasten the return of thousands of lost items. Checking the "Found" areas are what you can do, as the L&F staff do sometimes post Found items. I have not seen this happen yet; it could be another month before everything is cataloged and those posts start appearing, based on memory.

Just FYI, one post per topic is the standard here, so please don't cross-post. We see you!

And good luck to you.
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