White Rabbit fur hoodscarf, Deerskin jacket, tophat, holster

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White Rabbit fur hoodscarf, Deerskin jacket, tophat, holster

Post by lunargypsywolfchild » Mon Dec 09, 2013 12:13 pm

Hello loves!

I lost a couple of items and had a couple stolen.
All very dear to my heart. All custom handmade.

A white rabbit fur hoodscarf.. the scarf tails went to my feet with fluffy alpaca on the bottoms and beige sued on the outside.. curled hood top like an elf.

A deerskin jacket, with raw agate closures and rabbit fur trim, this was stolen along with a large metal suitcase full of crystals and pendants that a dear friend of mine spent hundreds upon hundreds of hours working on and years of collecting.

A brown tophat with a corset like lace up the front and back. Silver rivets and a long bow tail on the back.

Holster utility belt with green and brown leather. Three pouches, one with a sewn on patch of a moon and faerie, another with an eagle head.

If you have come upon any of these, from the bottom of my heart, I will send my love to you forever. All are full of sentimental value and are priceless to me.

Reward, love and anything I can offer to you for the return of my possessions. Much love and light to all of you and may the universe send back the items we hold dear and the finders of them have abundant blessings upon the selflessness of their returns.

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Re: White Rabbit fur hoodscarf, Deerskin jacket, tophat, hol

Post by Eric » Mon Dec 09, 2013 1:46 pm

Where were they stolen from: were they taken from your camp on-playa, from another camp on-playa, or somewhere else? If you can say the camp & the day, it helps narrow it down for people ("hey, my friend showed up on Thursday with this cool _____ that fits that description")
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Re: White Rabbit fur hoodscarf, Deerskin jacket, tophat, hol

Post by trilobyte » Mon Dec 09, 2013 2:58 pm

+1 to what Eric said. You don't mention where in the city you were camped, where they were last seen/disappeared/were taken from, and when during the event that you last saw them. Or did you just realize they're missing now, three months later?

I'm assuming you've already done the obvious and done things like checked with your campmates and reached out to neighboring camps. On the remote chance that in the bustle of breaking down camp, maybe your items were sitting off to a side and mistaken for something left behind, and some well-meaning person brought it home with them. Good luck!

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