Lost: Green Chrome Backpack

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Lost: Green Chrome Backpack

Post by EthericField » Tue Dec 10, 2013 4:09 pm

First of all, hello to all of you in the ePlaya community, and I'm glad I could finally join this wonderful discussion board! : )

Now down to business. So, I thought it'd be a cool idea to hang out with some fun guys and go down to the man burn on Saturday night- didn't work out too well. Naturally, I set down my bag in the midst of the chaos ( I was on the 9:00 side of the Man), I grabbed my T3i camera out of my bag, and just walked away forgetting I even had a bag in the first place. Despite the loss, I was very thankful to have taken my camera out of my bag before I lost the bag, so that is a huge plus.

The bag is a green Chrome roll-top bag with brown straps and brown trim. The lining of the largest pocket on the bag has a waterproof gray liner, and the only belongings I had in it was probably a couple beers and a scarf or two. Lost and found didn't have it on Sunday but I was hoping maybe someone would post it online. It was a pretty nice, new bag, that an undeserving thief would have snagged immediately, but I'm hoping that in the midst of the confusion, a kindhearted soul snagged it with intentions to put it up on lost and found blogs, etc.

Fingers crossed. : )

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