Lag screws vs everything else...

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Re: Lag screws vs everything else...

Postby Ratty » Sat May 12, 2018 8:18 am

So, I finally decided on a set of batt op tools. Since I'm not going to use them much and I'm very respective of my tools I settled on ryobi. I saw a lot of brand loyalty and men playing with their toys. I talked to customers and salesmen. (Yes they were all men.)

PLUS, they're lime green like a 73 Kawasaki.
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Re: Lag screws vs everything else...

Postby Just_Joe » Sat May 12, 2018 8:04 pm

Ratty wrote:So, I finally decided on a set of batt op tools.

Lime green for the win!
If you need charging, come on over. I'm set up to do the Ryobi batteries via solar.

You'll need a 1/4" impact to 3/8" socket adapter ($4) and a 9/16" socket (you probably already have one) to drive the 14" lag screws.

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