Be a part of the path of the Hero's Journey Labyrinth.

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Be a part of the path of the Hero's Journey Labyrinth.

Post by TheAmbassador » Tue Aug 19, 2014 5:53 am

People of Burning Man 2014,

The MoEmbassy of Motropolis is organizing an InterCamp Labyrinth beginning at 3:00 & Portal. Inspired by Joseph Campbell's theory, this labyrinth provides the perfect path for you to explore your own Hero's Journey set in the desert caravansary of Burning Man. We seek camps and art installations to be a part of this epic path and host a hero's waypoint. More details can be found at: ... labyrinth/

Seek the Alter of Adventure and embark on the Journey.

If you are looking to be the hero of another person's story, choose a quest from the ComeUnity Quest Board or find a hero for your quests by posting your own.

Want to be sought out for what you have to offer, the way you want. Let it be known on the ComeUnity Connection Board and place a symbol you create on the map to mark where you are at.

Are you searching for a venue to host your talk, performance, showcase, creation, etc?
We have space-time available to host at 3:00 and Portal.
Contact the Ambassador for more info.

Want to support our camp and endeavors to create collaborative and interactive experiences. See how you can help at

May we all Burn well.

-the Ambassador


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