Clan destino is sponsored by Monster energy drink.

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No one here should be drinking Monster drinks anyway because

Post by xevioso » Tue Dec 07, 2004 10:00 am

The company, if I understand correctly, is owned and operated byt he son of none other than Michael Savage, the far right radio talk show host. I remember hearing that he is as conservative as his father. I don't drink that energy drink precicely because of this.

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Post by stuart » Tue Dec 07, 2004 1:02 pm

you are thinking of rockstar
call me baby

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Post by xevioso » Tue Dec 07, 2004 3:52 pm


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Re: No one here should be drinking Monster drinks anyway bec

Post by Bob » Sat Dec 11, 2004 4:42 pm


Did you know Burning Man is owned by far left winger Larry Harvey?
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Post by Discosybil » Sat Dec 11, 2004 9:10 pm

I'm so glad it was straightened out. I was reading all the complaints in the beginning, thinking who cares if there are logos on trucks. It's not like they are selling at the event. And who cares if it's advertising even if it's not what it was meant for? I look up to these guys. It takes a lot of work and love to put something like this together on top of giving away free beverages. And to the ones that say Burningman is changing...........of course! Anytime you have something so wonderful that people look forward too, there will be change, especially when it keeps growing Not everybody will like it and they have a choice to attend or not, but it's really for the best and if it doesn't work out the organizers seem to listen and work through it. Change is good!

As for the logo, I didn't see it, but since we too know how much we like to set up bar and meet the wonderful people at Burningman, I'm going to run out and see what this Monster drink is. Not because of a logo but because they were there to share and were there to enjoy their vacation meeting new people with their generosity.

I guess I had one to many glasses of champagne tonight.

Oh but glad this string is straightened out and hope that the group comes back.

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Post by geekster » Sat Dec 11, 2004 9:13 pm

Fuck ... I am going to have to start worshiping this thread pretty soon if it is resurrected one more time. Let's try the wooden stake this time ... *STAB*
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Post by Cardinal » Sun Dec 12, 2004 7:50 am

So let me get this straight. This camp rolls in with barely covered logo trucks, hands out tons of product sometimes in case quantity and it's considered gifting? I consider it promotional advertising especially when the camp distributing it rolls out the gate with the banners exposed. It's guerrilla marketing and I'm shocked that people can't see it for what it is. I bet this camp is sitting around laughing their rearends off at how they pulled a fast one on the LLC and the community! 50 to 1 they come back next year with more "gifts" ...will it be the latest Hansen's product? So when will the Coke and Pepsi logos start popping up? Maybe with the Borg1 vs Borg2 debate happening this camp will try a sneaky approach and push the boundary even more this year since they know they can partially get away with it now.

Open your eyes. Don't be fooled. And even without the guerrilla marketing this camp is introducing corporate sponsorship to the playa. Drawn to it's logical conclusion in a few years we'll have Lowe's sponsoring the man, and the Temple by David Best sponsored by Home Depot.

You can have your wooden stakes back now.

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Post by Tancorix » Sun Dec 12, 2004 7:53 am

Did someone drink too much holy wine last night? Yikes. It's just a theme camp.


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