Lost Red Trike

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Lost Red Trike

Post by bendybonnie » Fri Sep 05, 2014 1:22 am

On Monday 9/1/14 someone took my RED TRICYCLE from the 3 o'clock plaza near the Temple Of The Flying Spaghetti Monster in a black pickup truck in the mid afternoon. It could have been a helpful someone attempting to clean up the playa, or otherwise, but I REALLY would like it back!
It is red with front and back metal baskets, and the back basket has 4 PVC pipes attached to the 4 corners for my custom canopy my dad made for it.

I left it unattended for less than 5 minutes while I picked up a friend to share a ride back to the default world, I parked it near two ladies, while I looked for the camp. I didn't think to lock it as it was mostly camps and crews tearing down. When I returned it was gone, I asked them if they saw it...They said a black pick up truck pulled up and asked if it was theirs and they said, "No" (Thanks girls.) when they turned around it was gone.
Please help me find my Trike
I feel like PeeWee Herman..."MYYYY BIIIIIKKKKEEEEE"
Love and Gratitude,

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