The one that got away..Boston girl w/ electrical tape on...

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The one that got away..Boston girl w/ electrical tape on...

Post by pholden55 » Fri Sep 05, 2014 10:52 am

The one that got away! Uggggh! I met this amazing Boston, MA woman at Distrikt on Friday afternoon. I just thought I'd give this effort a final try in case there's a chance to pick up where we left off on our romance... I met a late 30, early 40 yr old. She approached me, shared her Tecate beer, she is from Boston, she has a daughter about to begin college, she asked if I had children, I said no. She asked if I want children, I said yes. I was wearing a black velvet jacket, black pants, and I'm blonde, 6'2". I'm originally from CT, but live in Hermosa Beach, CA now. She may know my name. I do not remember hers. We did not exchange camp names. I was with Camp Tentacle and I'm straight & was with a friend of mine. I told her we had to first gather our E. London friends to come with.
She has long black straight hair & was wearing electrical tape on her areolas and stands about 5'8" or so. She was wearing larger frame black sunglasses. She asked me to bring my friends over to the Distrikt trailer to the right of the stage when facing it. I looked and could not find her. We both agreed to find each other & expressed out interest once again.
Obviously we had a great connection & I hope she remembers & takes the time to read his post. How do you post or connect us to get two burners back in touch?

Please let me know if I can provide any more info. My cell is 310-420-9298. You can give it to her if she contacts you.

Thank you,
Paul Holden

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