Lost silver sprayed faux leather backpack with valuables

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Lost silver sprayed faux leather backpack with valuables

Post by Katia » Mon Sep 08, 2014 12:52 pm

Hi guys,

Although it was my second burn this year I wasn't smart enough to but name and address on my backpack. Thats why I hope to find it here:

I lost my small backpack in the night of Tuesday to Wednesday. It is a faux leather Forever 21 backpack that was grey, but I sprayed it silver. Thus, the color looks used now since the paint didn't stay on well.
It had 2 carabiner hooks on it - one red the other blue and a plastic jar that served as a cup during the first day on the playa.

The backpack included my white/silver iPhone 5 and a GoPro Camera attached to a extendable handle monopod besides other not that important stuff such as wet wipes and energy bars.

If you found such an backpack and are an incredible honest person, please return it to me so I have some playa memories from this year! I'll be very thankful and will reward you with a cool costume art piece!

Thank you and big hugs from New York

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