Lost: Lowe Alpine Backpack

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Lost: Lowe Alpine Backpack

Postby YouChoose » Fri Sep 12, 2014 5:00 am

I would be :mrgreen: if ePlaya pulls through on this item

I brought aforementioned backpack back to my camp (Miso Soup on 9:37 & I) on Saturday 30th August morning around 9-10am.
I believe I left it in our shade structure - not in my tent or anywhere else secured
I wandered around camp and the neighbourhood for the next couple hours and realised the bag was missing in the early afternoon.

A photo below:
20140829_171642low res.jpg

The backpack is made by Lowe Alpine
Colour is Mostly Dust/Grey, some flashes of black and orange
Flap style with buckle closure

Attached to the back of the bag:
1) Yellow wrist/ankle reflector
2) A coin purse with ashtray moop inside
3) 2 thin bungee cords along the body (not in picture)
4) A red reusable hard plastic cup in one of the side mesh pockets
5) A purple beaded key chain with cowrie shells dangling off of it

Attached to the left shoulder strap is a telescope and a Brass teleidoscope!

***Valuables Alert***
My iPhone 5 in a dust proof “Lifeproof” cover
A small notebook, blue, size of a passport

Warm Regards,


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