Lost - Orange Cup with Axolotl holding an Atlatl

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Lost - Orange Cup with Axolotl holding an Atlatl

Post by MFOB » Thu Sep 17, 2015 11:39 am

Lost my sweet ass orange cup after a Party at Artica before the gates opened. It is a sweet orange plastic cup that most called "The Bucket Cup" Its 656ml of awesomness and made from BPA Free material. It was attached to a purple carabineer and my belt loop. It fell off or after watching someone do something that blew my mind (Look up Autofellatio, It was weird as all hell), it might have been mis-clipped. The cup has a very special sticker on it, an Axolotl holding as Atlatl.
Axolotl Holding an Atlatl.jpg
Axolotl Holding an Atlatl.jpg (153.37 KiB) Viewed 2119 times
The Cup was only a few bucks, but it was attached to a Black Diamond Neutrino Wire gate Carabiner. This bad boy can hold up to 24kN, That's 5395 lbf! It is saddening to see this biner be gone form me. I bought it years ago and it has saved my life many times. Please if you found it, let me know. I know the sticker is bad ass as hell and youll love it because it is a conversation starter, but let that go. Ill send you a new sticker, I still have a few left that you can surely attach to your own bad ass cup.

Thanks for reading.
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