Finnegans Wake set to music on the Playa - advice sought!

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Finnegans Wake set to music on the Playa - advice sought!

Post by Kenno » Tue Jul 19, 2016 9:41 pm

Ludramans, amadáns, dusktilldawns:

So we three wandering Aengus's from the Isle of Eire are on the westward ascent to the Playa with the goal of setting Chapter 1:7 of Jimmy Joyce's Finnegans Wake to music. And not just any music - but YOUR Music!

Here's the project: ... signs.html

We incite you to recite a short passage (approx 2 minutes from Chp 1:7) of Wake with us to ANY musical background you and your friends/camp can provide. If you can bring a string quartet: Great. Thumb-bells, a washboard and two spoons? Even better. Can't find musical back-up: Just bring your precious tonsils and we'll back you with our in-house talent!

At the end of the week, we plan to have produced a compilation of all contributions to make a complete musical Episode 1:7 of Wake, an utter, captivating, eruption of Playa soul which surely will bring Tim Finnegan back to life (He never died, of course - He is you and you is he and always was and alwills be.)

Here's a short clip of Wake set to Music by John Kale via Joey Ramone (Don't let this intimidate you. Remember, you don't have to sing it - just recite).

another version:

To Plotten the Thick, we're all first-time Burners and are fierce desperate to hear the wizened wisdom of you Giants of the Playa who can guide us on how to Make Wake Great Again @BM 2016. We've been preparing for years but nothing can prepare like experience, so if there's any pitfalls that spring to your mind, pls share your wisdom and experiences. The monster pitfall that is Wake is enough to deal with on this expedition into what Joyce called his "book of the night". Which reminds me, to honour the text and pay due homage to Jimmy J, we plan to only record between sunset and sunrise...

A few concerns:
-Is there a best location for us to set up our recording studio/camp? The map is a little confusing:
wake map.jpg
(Seriously, though. Where might be the best place where there's space to set up plus accessibility for anyone on the Playa to get to?)

-How can we best promote our project on the Playa? Perhaps you might mention it to your mates and spread the word! Maybe you could cut-and-paste this message to your gaggle?

-Will a small generator suffice to power our gear? (Not alot, just mixer/soundboard/mikes/fan etc)

-What are the unknown unknowns facing a project like this? Is the dust really going to destroy us?

-Will you lend us your soul to be immortalized in the 3rd Edition of Finnegans Wake to Music? Without you, we are not! (best contact is gavan.kennedy at

It is our belief that there is no greater conclave than Burning Man to resurrect Finnegan - the original psychonaut in the original psychedelic whirlwind of whords ever written. So will you dissolve with us into the river of Love that is Wake, to return to the sea, to evaporate into clouds, be blown around the world, and rain yourself onto the Playa again @ BM 2017 and 2018 andon andon andon andon.....

Looking forward to colliding/colluding/collating with you on the Playa.

With sincere and utter gratitude for making it this far.....
gavan.kennedy at
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Re: Finnegans Wake set to music on the Playa - advice sought!

Post by mad-maddie » Wed Nov 16, 2016 2:42 pm


My gf and I participated in your reading this year at burning man and were hoping to see the final product when it is finished! When and where should we stay tuned?

All the best,


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