An Art Fundraiser for The Unicorn Zone

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An Art Fundraiser for The Unicorn Zone

Post by Fishwillis » Thu Jul 28, 2016 4:37 am

I am a San Diego Artist starting a camp this year with a few friends. For this camp I will be building a life size Unicorn tug toy from recycled metal.

I am getting most of my materials from an old farm in Montana. I will be putting in all of the hours and the welds. I am so excited to bring this to life Guys!
I start welding mid August... Its crunch time!

With your help I plan to light this Unicorn up and paint it with rustolium so that it may be playa ready.

I have gifts for doners such as unicorn poops and original art work. Please take a moment to visit the Unicorn Zones Go fund me page or instagram.

Follow us on instagram @unicornzzone

Much love! Thankyou for your support! I cant wait for you to ride my Dusty Playa Unicorn!
*1. Get your Unicorn Poop in a group*
*2. Dance*


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