Fixer camps sound off 2016

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Fixer camps sound off 2016

Post by test517 » Thu Aug 11, 2016 1:34 pm

Ok folks I am back with this. Last year we created a cheat sheet for all the fixer camps to let us all know where the others were and what they did. I am happy to create and distribute these again for 2016. If you are a repair/fixer/welding/etc camp and want to be part of this and get a list, sound off or send me a PM (if you don't want to post publicly)!

For everyone one else these are info sheets so that we can coordinate and send you to the people best suited to help you if it is not what our particular camp does (for example we at G&B are not bike mechanics). They are not meant to be public, but for the camps themselves so that we can try to get you the best help we can.


Gears and Beers @ 7:30 Portal - (Art) car repair, minor welding, and general fixing + spare parts

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Re: Fixer camps sound off 2016

Post by LeoOpenSourced » Thu Aug 25, 2016 2:09 am

Very cool man.

I'm a "newbie" east coaster looking to attend my first BM ever if I can pull it together super fast. I know people prep all year and I mean no disrespect to BM; I just want to learn from the best, since my life plan is literally to build a career based on fighting hate with disruptive and fun art based entirely on gift economy and riding the waves of Karma (give art and all content away free as a universal rule and work off donations). I've also been working on my survivalist and off-grid skills for 20 years now; I'm no expert welder, but I weld and solder and cut wood and metal and sew and paint and build houses and shelters; I'm also a pretty solid McGuyver. I built a real-life fire-breathing Trump-o-saurus rex that shoots laser beams from its eyes and drips real blood from its real laser sharp teeth (for artistic messaging not pure craziness; ps milking your own blood for art projects is very time consuming) last week from a recycled auto scrapyard hood for $20 and a freecycled propane grill just for fun completely unrelated to BM; I built myself an off-grid airconditioned popup 10x10 room from freecycled dacron sailcloth, some zippers and a gas generator and a freecycled broken air conditioner two weeks ago just to give myself a little workspace outside in the AC and to practice skills, and I was intending to buy a cheap RV and fix it up this year to travel the midwest and couchsurf/volunteer. I've also gone on weeklong tent-camping or canoe-camping trips and done a bunch of outward bound. Basically standard boy scout stuff minus the boyscouts. I'm a decent computer programmer and inventor too (I'm currently working on a pesticide free laser flyswatter). I play guitar bass drums piano saxophone and sing, I cook and also not that it matters for a week, but I also enjoy farming. I'm a professional teacher and have a masters in biomedical engineering and a dual bachelors in bio and in environmental law/policy from tufts and brandeis and believe people shouldn't be able to bring handguns home but on the flip side I completely seriously think people should be able to use rocket launchers and military lasers at gun ranges if they want to, just not at home. I'm a hippie libertarian and enjoy when others are having fun safely; I also enjoy sex drugs and rock n' roll myself, ideally all at the same time :)

Not showing off skillsets, I just wanted to demonstrate why I uniquely feel "worthy" to jump right in to BM at such a disrespectful last minute, and why I might be "strong" or "worthy" enough to hack it, and why I want to go this year and not next, to learn from the best as I begin my nice little quest for the next several years. I've been doing gift-economy since 1998 when I was ten years old and put full version art and software online as "donate-ware" based on the honor system and karma :)

-Leo - apologies btw for being the "CEO" of my anti-company, a 501c3 charity I'm setting up, no corporate ties ever, no profit motives ever, I just make art and give it away free and having an LLC provides me with stronger legal protection for more offensive art, like which will be going live on september 11th purely for first amendment expression and art not profit - and if you want to help make the faux-conspiracy site or any other art, too, or if you want a free forwarding email or legal shielding for offensive art or for whatever purposes you like - hopefully art and antiestablishment activity - at or at or, message me. For what it's worth, my business cards don't say CEO, they say Professional Mad Scientist with a picture of me laughing madly.

Anyway, if anyone has some camp connections, let me know so I can hopefully attend last minute! I'm happy to legitimately chip in with teaching, learning, building and fixing, for myself or others, whether or not we are in a camp together and whether or not you have something to "barter" in turn - my services and friendship are always available to all for free, both at burning man and in life in general. I weld and sew and cook and can rig up air conditioning with generators and low power LED lightstrips. I cut my working audi 4x4 apart literally with hacksaws and dremels in order to ArtCar it for fun by replacing interior and some exterior panels with custom-shaped and laser-etched polycarbonate. This includes the dashboard, center console and nearly the entire driver seat assembly - my seat moves with the motors and such but it's all made of paperthin glass-like polycarbonate. I'm also an EMT and former med student I'm always down to save lives and to pool monetary and food and drug and other resources and chip in more than my share at BM - and in life. PM me or email me.


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