Stolen Pentax K-1, 15-30mm lens, tripod, keep the camera, send me the pictures

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Stolen Pentax K-1, 15-30mm lens, tripod, keep the camera, send me the pictures

Post by Foxglove » Sat Sep 10, 2016 12:14 pm

My camera stolen from camp FUR at 6:45 and A on the 5th Monday morning between sunrise and about 9am.

Camera was a Pentax k-1 with 15-30mm lens, battery grip and a Manfrotto 755B tripod and two 512GB PNY sdhc cards.

Total value is ~ $4300, a very expensive and heartbreaking lesson to always keep valuables secure.

So here is hoping social networking works..

My hope with this post is that it somehow makes it to the person who has my camera.

Here is the deal, keep the camera but could you please send me the pictures back! I also hope you can appreciate what you took and take some good pictures with it to share with the world.

I've setup and anonymous FTP site at to upload the pictures.

winSCP works well:

File Protocol: FTP
Port: 21
Check Anonymous Login

put the files in the upload directory.

Here is a bit of a back story.

I've been using Pentax cameras all my life and was very excited to find out they were finally going to release a full frame body. After patiently waiting and saving a couple years for the camera to be released I was able to get it just before going to burningman. I was really excited to finally have a nice camera to take out the playa and get some awesome pictures. I did manage to capture quite a few wonderful images and it's not a complete loss, I did make a copy of the JPGs from the camera up until Sunday Morning. But I did lose all the DNG files and all the pictures I took at the temple burn which was probably the most powerful time there for me emotionally. I had made a desk for my camp this year to store audio gear and other things and I had intended to make doors for it that could be locked but didn't have the time or materials to complete it. So after 9 years of going to burningman and never losing anything I had become complacent and careless. This experience has been a very expensive reminder to always keep my valuables secure. I know the camera is gone, it sucks, eventually I'll be able to replace it. I hope this message makes it out to whoever has my camera and that they have a tiny bit of heart to be willing to upload the images. If you want to work out some other way to return the images let me know. I'd even be willing to work out some kind of reward if you are willing to return the camera.

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Re: Stolen Pentax K-1, 15-30mm lens, tripod, keep the camera, send me the pictures

Post by tripod » Fri Mar 31, 2017 11:28 pm

Wow! That REALLY sucks, and I hope the worm that stole the camera collects his Karma with loan shark type interest. I know that what you really want is your own photos, but I do not have those, so the best I can do is offer to send you the photos I have. Contact me at if you want to arrange to get my photos.

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