Lost Iphone 6 on Man Burn Night

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Lost Iphone 6 on Man Burn Night

Post by Flexi » Tue Feb 21, 2017 7:48 am

Hey Guys,

I lost my Iphone 6 64 GB on the Man Burn Night on the way from 3:00 Esplanade to the stages like White Ocean.
It is fell out of the pocket of my sweater while riding my bike to the stages.

I tried it already several times to contact the Lost & Found Office of BM to search for my phone and I went through the Plattform of the Lost & Found things a lot of times but unfortunately I had no luck at all.

It would be really important to get my Phone back because I traveled in South America before BM for 3 months and almost all the Pictures are gone. So it's not just loosing a Phone it is loosing a lot of Pictures from an incredible time in my Life.

The color of the Iphone is white/silver and it has a silicon transparent cover. The settings are in German and it has 24h clock settings.
The Background of the screen is a picture of a frozen stream, but you can see just the structures of the ice in black, white and blue.
The Serial No. is F78P5P2SG5MT

It would be amazing if the finder is so kind and could pass it back or just give me my pictures back. They are so important for me and so unique.
Thanks a lot

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