Naked Man at Laguna del Sol 2017 August 3-6

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Naked Man at Laguna del Sol 2017 August 3-6

Post by Elliot » Thu Jul 06, 2017 9:54 pm

Laguna del Sol is a camping resort near Sacramento, California.
As in previous years, they hold a Naked Man event the first weekend of August -- August 3 - 6 in 2017.
And Elliot's Naked Bicycle Service & Piano Bar plans to be there!

If you are the kind of immature and narrow-minded herd-follower who giggles or scoffs at the thought of humans without clothing... then LdS' seven pools and hot-tubs, private lake, lush lawns, hiking trail, river access, tennis courts, gym, and other amenities are not for you.

For at Laguna del Sol, everyone is free to go nude, weather permitting. It is a well-maintained place, and they have a pretty darn good restaurant. Children can enjoy two playgrounds, and one of the pools is also primarily for the kids.

Membership is not required, but background checks are of course routine. Also, first-timers take a mandatory guided tour of the place, which should be arranged in advance.
During big events, such as Naked Man, first-timer tours are limited. So "now" would be a good time for a first visit. You should have no trouble finding their website. (I expect to be there late tomorrow afternoon and evening -- Friday July 7 -- in a gray Hyundai Santa Fe and a tent.)

Formalities out of the way....

The owners are Burners. And each year they hold a weekend event that honors Burning Man.
It's low-bucks, and even a tad corny, especially when non-Burners fail to "get it".
But there are surprisingly many Burners there. Last year, a few recognized me from the Playa.

And quite a few non-Burners seem to understand the basics of the Burning Man ethos. Last year, I was particularly taken with their humble but meaningful "Temple Burn".

Yes, Elliot's Naked Bicycle Service & Piano Bar intends to be there! Look for Millicent The Bus somewhere on the far side of the lake. Again, that's August 3 to 6.

Photos of the Naked Man himself. He is modest with fire, but big on water. And reusable.



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