Subwoofer advice for small dj setup for camp on a budget

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Subwoofer advice for small dj setup for camp on a budget

Post by Cory5000 » Sat Aug 05, 2017 5:01 pm

We need to add a couple subwoofers to our dj setup this year. We are leaning towards 2 18'' powered Behringers B1800xp or JBL eon618's. Has anyone used these out there before? None of my audio friends back home want to reccomend Behringer because of there bad reputation for quality but we've had a couple of Behringer B315D two ways out there for a few years now and they have held up through all the dust storms and abuse and still sound fine. We don't shade them or cover them. They are f-ing tanks. I'm hoping the subs have the same luck. The most important thing about audio equipment on the playa is that it stays on and stays loud. I've heard stories about other 'better' Brand names failing because of the heat/dust. If anyone has advice on lower budget powered subs that they have used and tested out there, please let me know. Thank you
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