Unicorn Bike Transport

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Unicorn Bike Transport

Postby Jay the Unicorn » Fri Feb 16, 2018 6:55 am

I like to travel light to BM and take the Burner Express so my art project this year is confined to my bike. I'm making a unicorn bike with a star field of LED lights in the body of the beast and a sound system. I'm designing it so all the art pieces come off like Ikea furniture (barrel bolts and all) so it can be transported safely in a container.

The trick is the container. I was thinking of making a custom foam padded suitcase for the art pieces so when I arrive on playa, I can bolt the pieces onto the bike and be on my way. I am thinking about getting a sheet of plastic (It has that corrugated cardboard look) and make a case. Does anybody have any idea on how to rivet that plastic together?

This pic shows how the pieces bolt onto the bike. The bike has a few blocks permanently attached with hose clamps for art pieces to bolt onto.


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Re: Unicorn Bike Transport

Postby Ratty » Fri Feb 16, 2018 8:14 am

What a beautiful bike piece. That plastic is Coroplast or sometimes called plasticore. It's most often glued but you can no doubt find 1,000 projects online to help you with construction.

Personally, I have some saved for a voodoo lounge event. I'm making low alters when the time comes.
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