ELLIOT'S NAKED BICYCLE SERVICE & PIANO BAR 2018! -- Fundraiser for Elliot's Bicycle Service

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ELLIOT'S NAKED BICYCLE SERVICE & PIANO BAR 2018! -- Fundraiser for Elliot's Bicycle Service

Post by Elliot » Thu Jun 14, 2018 9:07 pm

- Fundraiser for Elliot's Bicycle Service


Elliot’s Naked Bicycle Service & Piano Bar Fundraiser, featuring Loaner Bicycles and cheap schwag as Perks!

Like last year, when we repaired 677 bicycles, we need donations to make the camp’s ends meet. And like last year, we are offering the use of a bicycle for the duration of the Event as our top Perk. (A Perk is a token of appreciation for a donation.)

All the Perk Bikes are in good mechanical condition. Many have a tall handlebar and a cushy saddle. Some have gears, and some do not. There is a variety of sizes.
We award these to show our appreciation for donations of $195 and up -- same as last year.

Just a few of the bikes in our Perk Fleet.

First come first served -- that is, donate now and select your bike on Playa. Alas, we are unable to reserve specific bikes.

Of course, all donations, of any size, are very-very welcome. $20.-? That will buy a pair of pedals and an inner tube! That could be THREE bikes back in action!

All Donors receive schwag such as camp buttons and decals and whatnot.

Sample of entry-level schwag from couple years ago.

It is all explained on the FUNDRAISING page of our website:

http://www.elliotsbikes.org/fundraising ... ikes-.html

There is even a convenient PayPal button there.

That is all.

Except... for a few niceties from our Camp Counsel:
We are a placed theme camp. Our official camp name is Elliot's Bicycle Service. We are a G-Rated family-friendly camp where nudity is normal. We strive to comply with and promote the Burning Man ethos, the Ten Principles; and the ePlaya Terms Of Service, including the requirement for this post's subject line to include the camp name and the word fundraiser.
Couple years ago, we discussed our fundraising with the Winnemucca office of the Bureau of Land Management – our “landlords” in the Black Rock Desert. They contacted us, and asked whether we conduct commercial business at, or related to, the Event.
We do not.
Their concern was that the wording on our website was less than precise on this point. After small adjustments to the language, we were cleared to proceed.
This year’s fundraising also follows the guidance we received from the BLM. And we are grateful to the BLM for their friendly and enthusiastic assistance!
Elliot's Naked Bicycle Service, Healing Arts, Body Paint & Piano Bar
No phones, tobacco, or politics in our public areas, please.

Bike come unglued? Take it to the nude dude!

Website: http://www.elliotsbikes.org
Email: elliotsbikes@outlook.com


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