Looking for a camp - have (solar) power to share & food

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Looking for a camp - have (solar) power to share & food

Post by NickW » Thu Aug 23, 2018 11:38 am

I lost my camp/travelmate to an unexpected schedule change for an audition, so I have a spare ticket and I’m looking for a camp to call home and hopefully contribute to. I’m very easy-going and open minded about everything. It’d be great to have some friends to explore the Playa with, and have a starting point for this awesome event.

Quick bio:
-33m, Boulder Colorado
-Climber, triathlete, engineer, developer, traveler
-I build robots, poke at things, blow stuff up with high energy experiments

I’ve had enough near-death experiences (…usually electricity related) that I live by a philosophy that any life I have left is bonus time, and will be thoroughly enjoyed and lived without worry.

What I can offer:
-A power grid, I’m bringing 600w of solar generation and 6kWh of battery capacity, along with a small & quiet backup-only generator. I may also bring in a Tesla, which would add an additional 100kWh of battery capacity
-A cold (or warm) place to hangout – I’ll have a 12x12 pod with ample cooling/heating capacity to stay comfy along with tons of books and pillows. I may also be able to bring in a graywater disposal system if I have enough space

I’ll also have some entertainment available & speakers for when the weather turns abysmal, and there’s a small chance I can offer a 100mbps satellite link + long range wifi if I can fit the dish into the car.

What I’m after:
-Easy going campmates that would like to explore the Playa together. Since I lost my partner to work, I’m going solo.
-A camp with some water capacity. The less water I have to pack in, the more fun stuff I can bring, so I’m hoping to find a camp that will have water to spare. If I can pack in a graywater system, I can also reclaim potable water.
-16’x16′ area for the pod & power/cooling infrastructure
-Somewhere I can volunteer & help out

Thanks all, looking forward to adventuring around brc

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Re: Looking for a camp - have (solar) power to share & food

Post by Captain Goddammit » Thu Aug 23, 2018 11:58 am

I’d strongly suggest not bringing your Tesla to the highly corrosive and abrasive playa.
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