Lost iPhone 8 Rose gold trim, black/ frost Pelican Case

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Lost iPhone 8 Rose gold trim, black/ frost Pelican Case

Post by marvelousmaryrose » Fri Sep 14, 2018 11:07 am

I lost my iPhone 8 with rose gold trim. It was in a Pelican Case with black edging and frosted back of case. There is also a broken popsocket on the Pelican Case, that part may have fallen off in the playa dust though. The lock screen is a wolf. I really need to get it back. I have irreplaceable photos on it of some of my pets, living and deceased and pictures of the zookeeping camp that I attended a couple weeks before Burning Man, not to mention that I am a 14 yr old girl and paid for it myself. Insurance can replace the phone but, not the photos.
The phone was left on Playa when my mom and I were on the Perimeter for Trace Burn on Thursday. Ranger HoneyBadger found it, hoping to find it's owner held it a couple days. We talked to her about it a few hours after it had been hand delivered to lost and found, with 2 other phones, by a fellow ranger. As of Monday afternoon lost and found could not find it. We are hoping that someone finds it in a pocket, or boot or something like that, that it may have accidentally slipped into while in the pre-cataloguing stage at lost and found. When it is found, again, please contact my mom Melissa @ 415-717-3774. Thank you for your help. 😊

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