StumbleUpon... dead!? What's next?

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StumbleUpon... dead!? What's next?

Post by Perpetual Burn » Mon Dec 03, 2018 9:29 pm

Anyone ever use/visit StumbleUpon? It was a site/app that would "randomly" link you to sites on all ranges of topics that you've deemed interesting and had a thumbs up or down system that would further dial it into what you'd find entertaining...

I called it the boredom button(not that app)... just click/Stumble and you were sent to some site you've never heard of that you'll probably find interesting("AsF***.")

But it "died" this year... morphosized into Mix... but I reckon corporatized into Mix... or herded to Reddit or Pinterest or whatever lame-ass anti-intellectual communication "social" sites the sheeple flock to these days (Starfucks 4 life!)

So, what now? Nevermind it took me 6 months to realize this (gee, I wonder why the plant I didn't water died... ;)... but what's the best new replacement for such a site/app?


Anyone know of a site/app that randomdipitously links you to awesome stuff?

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Re: StumbleUpon... dead!? What's next?

Post by Traveller in Time » Tue Dec 04, 2018 5:46 am

Take six words from a text you are interested in, dump in the search and click on the fifth result.
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