The Wonder Cabinet

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The Wonder Cabinet

Post by RevDusty » Mon Apr 15, 2019 10:27 pm

The Wonder Cabinet

As the name implies, the Wonder Cabinet is designed to inspire awe and wonder in the viewer and by that means, a change; a metamorphosis. Because exposure to wonders previously unknown causes the observer to reevaluate their position in the world and the cosmos at large. The observer sees things that they didn’t know existed before or thought possible. The observer realizes there is a world outside the one they thought they knew. Their horizons have expanded and they know more is possible than what they thought before.

In some that might cause fear, but not with the Wonder Cabinet. The contents encourage exploration, reward curiosity, and leave both observer and curator pleased and content. The observer, having been awed and a larger world presented to them, leaves a new person and will share that knowledge with others. The curator, knowing all in the cabinet, grows further by sharing the wonders with those not yet acquainted with the contents of the cabinet. The curator crafts and searches out only the most special items, with an eye on inspiring others, and journeys with the observers, together as participants.

I am looking for fellow curators; those willing to share an object, an artifact, some trace of the greater reality. The nature of these objects is up to you: they can be found, created, or both. They should inspire wonder, mystery, happiness, whimsy or any combination of those attributes. Additionally, any cabinet-like structure is needed – it need not be in “good” condition as it will be altered into a wonder via the application of paints (perhaps) and interesting objects. The nature of the presentation environment dictates that no promises can be made as to the return of any items of wonder, but every effort will be expended to make that happen, in case the artifact is on loan from a collection.

You can read more of the history of the Wonder Cabinet, aka Wunderkammer, aka Cabinet of Curiosities here:

Fellow curators are welcome and, indeed, encouraged, from all corners of the earth. I live on the Eastern side of the San Francisco Bay.
Rev. Dusty Sportswood

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