Los Angeles: gear for sale / giveaway (enough for a first-year camp or to grow your camp!)

this is a classifieds board designed for crafty individuals as well as those burners looking to sell the playagear and playawear they no longer need.
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Los Angeles: gear for sale / giveaway (enough for a first-year camp or to grow your camp!)

Post by tafkar » Sun May 12, 2019 1:59 pm

Hello! We haven't been to Burning Man in a couple of years and won't get back for a couple more. We'd like someone to put our gear to good use rather than having it sit in storage for several more years.

If this is your first year going to Burning Man, the below is most of what you need to get your camp going. If you have a camp and you're looking to expand, this will allow you to grow quite a bit.

We are giving this all away; if you like it so much you're willing to throw us a few bucks we'd be delighted. It is in storage in downtown LA and needs to be picked up and moved on to a new home by the 21st.

Items available:
  • 90% shade fabric: At least 3, maybe 4 pieces. We've had some of this for several years, so it's stretched out a bit and may be more like 70% shade at this point. Most pieces are quite large, anywhere from 12' to 20' long. They are generally grommeted but you may have to adjust the grommets to your liking.
  • At least 4 camp chairs, all in good condition and just waiting for a dusty butt!
  • 2 Gravity chairs: these are THE BEST for getting your feet up at Burning Man. One is standard size; one is "extra wide" for those of us fat-bottom girls that make the rockin' world go round.
  • 2 coolers: They are an older version of this Coleman cooler, pale blue with white top. One version is missing a latch but it stays closed if you don't overfill it. We've been very impressed by the performance; we freeze our water suitcases and a couple of years back, even on the last day our last water suitcase was still 50% ice.
  • Carpets: We have two large finished beige low-pile carpets (6x5) that are perfect for the bottom of a tent and might be good for other parts of a camp. No dust on them to speak of as I only used them once, and it was in a low-dust year. We also have a bright pink and bright blue throw rug (3x2) that are great for an entryway for a small camp or bedside in your tent.
  • Canvas: We have a couple of large pieces in the 9x12 range and some slightly smaller pieces. These can be used as ground cover, side pieces for certain structures, maybe clothing if you get creative?
  • Decorative netting: Gray and sparkly. It's not functional, just pretty.
  • Dome tent: Coleman, 10 foot, "as is" condition. (One of the nylon pole holders has a tear in it, but it still stands up and is in liveable condition.)
DM me ASAP if you're interested!

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