Need a ride from LA

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Need a ride from LA

Post by vMarie » Fri Jun 07, 2019 12:31 am

Hi, so I'm a bit early on asking about this (I haven't gotten a ticket yet), but I want to be prepared for when I do 8)

This will be my second time to BM, last year me and my best friend went together (we're from Norway), this year however my best friend had to opt out of our (soon to be) yearly trip to the US because of reasons.

I'm still planning on going regardless. However, I don't have a licence and so I can't rent a car and drive to BRC on my own.

I'll be going to LA for a few days before the burn, and going back there after.

I've been saving up all year for this trip, and is still saving up as much as I can, but flying from LA to Reno is expensive even for me, as is also taking the Burner Express from San Francisco/Reno.

Which brings me to my question.
Are there any kind souls in LA who wouldn't mind a hitch-hiker joining them? (I can help pay for gas).
I'm used to backpacking, so I know how to pack light (even with all the gear I'm bringing), I just need someone who has space for me, my backpack and my cooler. I'm still undecided about bringing a bike (as those are expensive as well), we can discuss a possibility of bringing an extra bike on pm's later if anyone is interested.

So a little about me I guess is in order.
I'm a 28 year old female from Norway. This will be my first trip backpacking alone in a foreign country, which is equally terrifying and exciting. I'm pretty bubbly and sociable, and my interests range from anything geeky, to artsy, to history, to music, pretty much anything actually. I don't drink alcohol or do any drugs (but have nothing against those who do at all), but I do smoke. (I will not smoke in the car/rv FYI).

If you have a spare seat, please consider dropping me a pm. :D

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