Protecting MV stereo equipment from dust

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Protecting MV stereo equipment from dust

Postby tink2011 » 4 years ago

This will be my MV's third trip to the playa. It seats four and is based off a golf cart, so it's not big. My first attempt at a sound system (an iPod hooked up to some lame little speakers powered by AA batteries) died before I even hit the open playa due to dust. I am considering purchasing a weatherproof system that is marketed to Off-Road vehicles that get wet. It's pricey, but wondering if that's the best way to go. These systems are encased in fiberglass and the company advertises they can be dipped in water and still survive. Or, if I buy a regular car stereo with an amp and speaks, how do I protect the units from dust? I've seen other vehicles encase theirs in plexiglass. Are there other options? Any advice from some experienced mutant vehicle sound folks would be awesome. Thanks so much! The man burns in 146 days )"(

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Re: Protecting MV stereo equipment from dust

Postby Trishntek » 4 years ago

I do not have an MV, but there are some robust 2:1 sound systems for computers that are pretty good sound with a power woofer and 2 satellites. Use a 12V deep cycle battery and a 400W inverter. For $200, you can have a decent 200W system that plugs right into your ipod. $300 including the battery and inverter.
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Re: Protecting MV stereo equipment from dust

Postby gyre » 4 years ago

I'd start with marine stereo systems.
You can go further.

Full remotes are available for some.

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Re: Protecting MV stereo equipment from dust

Postby oscillator » 4 years ago

For a sound system Google "ATV AUDIO PIPE" - you can make your own or buy them. ... 30&bih=949

For your ipod, get a tupperware box and drill cable holes - then seal them up with E6000 adhesive.



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