New Burner heading from Ireland

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New Burner heading from Ireland

Postby giggsirish » 8 years ago

Hi Guys,

Heading over this August for 1st experience. if there is anyone else on hear heading over from Ireland would love to hear from you.


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Postby BitterDan » 8 years ago

Welcome Paddy!
Camp FuckIt + MT - 7:15 & D (maybe)

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Postby GIRL. » 8 years ago

Hey I unfortunetly can't makie it this year due to life getting in the way but Im heading over in 2009 and I'd love to hear about how you get on and how you arranged it.
peace :D
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Postby brickmaster » 8 years ago

Hi Alan,

Yeah I'm migrating to BRC again this year. There are a few Irish who go. Don't really know them though. Check out paddy mirage. They had a very cool pub last year.

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Postby T-Burner » 8 years ago

Hey check these guys out I'am sure they can help

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