our "date" at the Twisted Swan Irish Bar on Burn Night

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our "date" at the Twisted Swan Irish Bar on Burn Night

Post by Stank » Mon Sep 14, 2015 8:59 am

Met a dude (whose name I cannot recall, of course) at the home brew joint in Center Camp who self-identified as a first-time burner from Orange County. We made plans to meet at the Twisted Swan Irish Bar later in the evening at 8 on Burn Night.

My real name is Christine--I go by Stank on the Playa. I was with a friend named Jen....

He was camping in open camping on the 3:00 side with a couple of friends. I was at Art Car Camp right on the Esplanade outside of Center Camp.
The iburn ap sent me to the wrong addy and by the time I figured out where the Twisted Swan really was, it was too late and they were shutting down the place for burn night temporarily. Anyway, I stood him up--I’m dreadfully sorry and I’d love some help tracking him down to apologize.

Dude was in his mid 30s, cute (of course), brown hair, slender/athletic, 6’ish. Worked as a geologist for some company that contracted with ExxonMobil; Loves gardening…has a house somewhere in Orange County, a couple of kids……and beyond that….. ???? I don't think he's keen on Facebook so this isn't going to be easy.

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