Current issue: dev redirect

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Current issue: dev redirect

Postby technopatra » Thu Dec 09, 2004 11:23 am

Hi guys-

We've been tinkering again, getting the eplaya ready for a phpbb upgrade to close the vulnerability that was exploited a couple of weeks ago, and we went janky on you.

My apologies for the interruptions and confusion.

If you are getting the dev authentication dialogue when you log in:

1) go ahead and click "cancel"
2) when you get the "authorization required" error page, go up to your browser and just delete the "dev." in the url

you should be good to go.

Many thanks and much love to webteam volunteers Andy Stevko and Tony Thompson for figuring out what was happening and providing the workaround. We should be able the fix the problem soon.

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Postby admin » Thu Dec 09, 2004 1:11 pm

Yes, this was the case.

First, I accept full responsibility for the outage. Having two ALMOST identical ePlaya's side by side is tricky. I tested the setup last night (yes, at around 7pm) and the two seemed to be running fine as mutually exclusive. Obviously this was not the case. I think I have it all taken care of now, but please let me know directly (email) if you find anywhere where you end up with a big red bar across the top of your screen, or a popup password dialog box. Thanks.

My sincerest of apologies to the community. I was in a meeting from 7-10:30pm and then went home and straight to bed. I came in late today b/c there's a Spark Club tonight that will keep me (again) at the office until rather late. Otherwise I'd'a been on it earlier.

Also, please keep in mind that even when in meetings, I can usually be found in IRC as SpankyFromBRC, and if Tony or someone had pinged me in there last night, I could've fixed this immediately. The IRC address(s) is/are:



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