Camp of the Ancient Technicians


Camp of the Ancient Technicians

Postby amrennert » Sun Dec 26, 2004 3:22 pm

:roll: Looking for a place to relax and discuss the latest in technology with like minded folks? Have you been addicted to gadgets since the Roosevelt Administration? Have you found yourself needing the RV this year to sustain life as we have? Have you decided to bring an electric vehicle or art car to the playa to enjoy its full potential? Well, then you have come to the right turn in the road! We here at the Camp of the Ancient Technicians know what you are going through! We are trying to assemble as many ancient techies as possible for a new, relaxing, yet intellectually stimulating theme camp in 2005! Come join us and we can exchange ideas and knowledge of the marvels of science and technology. We can also help eachother with our special needs! We will have decades of knowledge between us, what a fascinating time will be had by all! Please respond to

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