Alternative Camping Solution

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Alternative Camping Solution

Post by kimbersykes » Sun Jan 12, 2020 10:36 am

Aghast at the prices of the no bake tent and the shiftpod for our camp we decided to bite the bullet and with a team of volunteer product designers we produced our own tents for the burn.

We had a minimum order quantity so ordered many spares which were snapped up by our neighbors and friends. In the spirit of sharing we are considering placing another order this year to share the love.

Ignore the price quoted on the website (due to further interest a camp mate is selling them in Australia and the shipping and import duties are extremely high there) the total cost price works out at USD 500 each for burners, with collection from Reno.

Check them out here

If you are interested or want more details please get in touch.
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Re: Alternative Camping Solution

Post by Popeye » Sun Jan 12, 2020 12:57 pm

Your site doesn't say a lot, the price seems comparitively reasonable.

What materials is the tent made from?
What about the supports?
R value?
Spare parts?
Is support available in the US?

I don't want to nit pick but if you intend to sell these in the US these are all questions the average buyer will ask.
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Re: Alternative Camping Solution

Post by Canoe » Tue Jan 14, 2020 12:16 am

  • Need a floor plan drawing. Show metric and imperial.
  • What materials are fire proof?
  • Size of the glory hole?
  • Are the seams sealed (wind/dust/hot air)?
  • How robust are the tie-down attachments? (sewn to the material, or loop back around the fixture that takes the poles, or what?)
  • Tent-peg attachment points at each corner of the floor? Are they suitable for use with lag-bolts?
Looks like you could mist it with an aluminum pigment paint from a spray-can, for some radiant heat protection.

If you're running a swamp-cooler,
- 4" opening offers decent airflow, but 5" allows full output of the basic bucket swamp-cooler. The draw string can secure the vent/duct.
- Having a second glory hole to let air out means you don't have to have a wind/vent nor a door opened enough to let the air flow out. A second glory hole that can be dedicated to this makes it a lot more robust against a strong gust of wind blowing air through your exhaust and into the tent, as you can put a 90 tube on it facing down for the exhaust.
- Would be easy to hang a light duct to the peak and run that to a glory hole exhaust.
- Looks like you have to add more mods to use one of the box swamp-coolers.
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